Whether its a major repair, a simple maintenance item, or just a demo on how to care for your new floor, We have you covered!Whether its a major repair, a simple maintenance item, or just a demo on how to care for your new floor, We have you covered!
Finishing Touch Design Studio

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The sign of a good installation
The hallmark of a good installation is nothing. Nothing as in: not noticeable or imperceptible. You don’t go out to buy grout or carpet padding, you buy tile and grout is used as part of the installation. You buy broadloom carpet and padding extends its life and comfort underfoot. Finishing Touch Design Studio takes pride in providing the best installation that you will never see.

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Our service area covers Aberdeen, Watertown, Warner and Westport. For your convenience, we also install window treatments purchased through the store.

Installation expertise
Our installation technicians undergo continuing training to keep abreast of new methods and materials for specialty installations. For instance, a tile installer may go to a clinic covering the current look of installing large tiles with thin grout lines. Combine the training with years of experience and the result is an elite installation team.

What to expect with your installation

Before floor or window selections are finalized, we send a measuring professional to your space to accurately measure the size of the space. We schedule installation activities at times convenient to you. Some more points to remember for your installation are:

  • Remove all furnishing, furniture and appliances from the space. If you would like Finishing Touch Design Studio to do this, let us know before we give you an estimate.
  • Arrange to be available for the installation so that you will be there if conditions require your permission.
  • Ask the installers to check for faults or damage to the materials.
  • Keep children and pets in a safe area away from the installation.
  • Clear an area for the flooring delivery ahead of installation so the materials can acclimatize to you space.
  • Provide the installation techs an area where they can work that is at least 65 degrees and has available power.
  • It may be some time before the new floor is ready to for use.
Following the installation

You and the supervisor will walk through the job looking for any issues. If possible corrections will be done immediately or the earliest time possible. At Finishing Touch Design Studio we consider a job complete when, and only when, you are completely satisfied with the installation.
We have professional installers that can handle any size project you throw at them!  Contact us today to learn how to get started!